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TRON (TRX) CTO/Co-founder Resigns, Moves to Create New TRON Over Decentralisation

todaysgazette.com 13 May 2019 06:30, UTC
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CTO and co-founder of TRON (TRX) has announced a decision to create a new TRON after resigning, alleging that TRON Network lacks decentralisation.

Lucien Chen, who has now founded a Volume Network, said he choose to depart the TRON network, which he said he built, purposely to rebuild a “new TRON” to pay tribute to his word.

Beginning of the Discrepancy

Lucien narrated how he co-founded TRON with Justin Sun, saying TRON network moved from testnet launch, to mainnet launch, then to the acquisition of BTT and the expansion of TRON DAPP under his watch.

Lucien noted that there are “irreconcilable contradiction” between him and the team at today’s TRON, saying the Justin Sun-founded blockchain project is no longer the original TRON.

“I chose to leave, hoping to regain my original mind and rebuild my new TRON.”

TRON (TRX) Not Decentralised?

Lucien, being a technical expert, said he’s very sad that the TRON has departed from the faith of “decentralize the web”.

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He said in the TRON’s DPOS and Super Representative node, there is a huge “problem of centralized voting”. According to him, some of the Representative nodes have more than 90% of the votes with only a few voters.

His allegation is that the vote of ordinary retail investors has fallen citing that the total TRX in TRON is 100 billion, however, the summation of votes for the super representatives is just less than 8 billion.

How About TRON and Internet?

Additionally, Lucien mentioned that TRON has nothing to do with the Internet, and so, the network cannot accommodate real Internet applications at the moment.

Lucien, who said the TRON ecosystem is far from commercial applications, added that DApps on the network are basically the gambling and funding projects which affirms that TRON has departed from the goals of the blockchain.

He said:

“The spirit of the blockchain is decentralized, while TRON project is centralized. Token distribution is centralized, Super Representatives are centralized, code development is centralized. Even the community is organized under centralization. No diverse voices in TRON ecosystem. The whole project has developed into a monetary tool without any “decentralize the web” spirit.”

Then, is Volume Network (VOL) Better Off?

Lucien’s new project, Volume Network (VOL), according to Lucien is purely decentralized. He claimed he first thought of this project before joining TRON.

The former CTO of TRON said true decentralised project are based on mining, and this is the reason he created VOL.

Lucien then claimed that unlike TRON, Volume Network will shun all forms of investment institutions but accept a low valuation. At the moment, Volume Network (VOL) will adopt a total value of $1 million with a circulation market value of $30,000 to run the ecosystem.

“I believe that this is the project that truly conforms to the spirit of the blockchain,” he said.

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