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Waves Platform blockchain ecosystem integrates Blockpass KYC

www.cryptoninjas.net 07 May 2019 15:30, UTC
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Waves, a leading blockchain ecosystem, today announced it will be partnering with Blockpass, a KYC and identity management provider, to bring KYC Connect – an easy and transparent KYC instrument for developers and users – to the Waves Platform.

“Waves’ team keeps developing our platform while focusing on the features and instruments requested by the community and required for the smooth and effective decentralized applications development process. As KYC, KYD, and KYO are essential parts of decentralized solutions for the regulated industries that are required for any application aiming for mass adoption, we are now partnering with Blockpass and integrating its KYC Connect, one of the leading solutions to provide shared regulatory compliance services.”

Sasha Ivanov, Founder and CEO of Waves

Blockpass is a digital identity application and service which puts the user back in control of their personal data. Blockpass provides a streamlined and cost-effective user onboarding process for regulated industries and any kind of online service. From the Blockpass application (available for both Android and iOS), users can create, store and manage>

“This is a world-first partnership for Blockpass and implementing our KYC-forward token on a platform like Waves means that we can offer a much broader service within the realm of securitized asset trading. Waves is a pioneering platform for Web 3.0, and identity will no doubt be the underpinning pillar to support that growth of decentralization.”

Adam Vaziri, Blockpass CEO,

As soon as technical integration of the Blockpass KYC Connect is completed, specially issued Waves PASS tokens will be airdropped to all Waves’ users.

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Once Waves PASS have been received, users can verify their profile by downloading the Blockpass mobile application, submitting the required documentation and receiving certificates. After verification, users can submit this information to the Waves PASS whitelisting service by scanning the QR code on the Waves official website.

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