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Artificial Intelligence in 2020: Consumer Electronics Show Review

Vsevolod Gnetii

The main directions for practical application of artificial intelligence in the near future have been officially made public and presented at the International Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas in January. Exhibitors entered into a fierce competition and kept spreading laudatory statements about their innovative products.

30-12-2019 10:00:00  |   Technology
First of all, it was all about rethinking the concept of TV. “The Sero” is a unique device that can rotate the display in an upright position using a special mechanism controlled by speech (Bixby and Google Assistant) or by simple rotation of a smartphone connected via NFC. This is a kind of mega-smartphone with a 43-inch LED screen that uses Quantum Dot technology (patented by Samsung). According to the developer, the device is designed for viewing images in streaming mode. This will breathe new life and open up the new scope for TVs.

A competitor from LG, president and chief technology officer, Dr. I.P. PARK, explained what the development of artificial intelligence as part of user interaction will look like. The whole spectrum revolves around the concept of efficiency, personalization, and perception, with an emphasis on research and development. The ultimate goal is to introduce artificial intelligence in new functions, formulating and summarizing new experimental developments. The concept, based on the ThinQ line, has been tailored to an intelligent home and offers a whole gamut of products: from the front-door 8K Oled and NanoCell TVs with an integrated Alpha 9 Gen 3 AI processor, allowing to identify all the people by biometric signs, to the ThinQ Fit mirror, with 3D cameras for human body measuring and creating an avatar for virtual equipment.

An AI-fridge, called Harvester, can also be considered a modern technology miracle. It allows users to grow fresh vegetables and herbs at home, thanks to the use of an advanced system of LED radiation and control of temperature and water conditions.

Also, the general trend was voiced by the manufacturers from Lenovo: to make technologies based on artificial intelligence, universally accessible to all categories of users.

26-11-2019 10:59:50  |   Technology
Today, the Chinese technology colossus has two special offers for its discerning consumers: a 2-in-1 laptop PC that can be converted to a tablet with fifth-generation mobile Internet access (Yoga 5G, based on Snapdragon 8cx 5G Compute — Qualcomm) and a laptop with a ThinkPad X1 Fold flexible folding monitor. In the latter case, we are talking about a classic ultralight laptop, which weighs less than 1 kg. It is created with the use of various light alloys and carbon fibers and is covered with a leather tire. A special feature of the product is the exclusive 13.3-inch Oled display, which can be folded, making it possible to switch from a compact display to a fully deployed one.

Historically, the Consumer Electronics Show also gives a chance to take a look at strange, and sometimes worthless devices, which, however, could be very original.

One example of this kind is Nudge — a bracelet with an analyzer and a specially developed application that selects the most suitable food ration, basing on DNA analysis, to protect and improve the health of the owner. It is also worth mentioning Motion Pillow — an intelligent moving pillow that picks up the sounds of a snoring person and corrects this defect by moving the sleeper’s head to the most suitable position to avoid snoring.

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