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Umbrella Network Acquires Lucidity

Anna Martynova

The Umbrella Network, a layer 2 decentralized oracle solution, has acquired Lucidity, a blockchain-based digital advertising oracle. This deal will become profitable for Umbrella Network in the first quarter of 2022. At the time of writing, Lucidity has processed over 600 mln transactions.

More than $30 bln is spent annually in digital advertising, and advertisers are demanding transparency. Lucidity solves this problem by enabling transparency from the campaign itself down to the details of the individual ad, allowing advertisers to identify and eliminate waste, and focus on the audience and publishers who are performing best.

Lucidity, built on the Ethereum blockchain, eliminates data inconsistencies, so invoice reconciliation is faster, fraud and waste are eliminated, and a supply chain is transparent so advertisers know exactly where their budgets are going.

Image: Medium

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