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Trending Trinity Weekly (November, 5-9)

Beginning of the week showed your enormous activity on Bitnewstoday. Therefore, none of the stories that followed days later couldn’t reach the bar raised on Monday. So, what were the topics that caused this huge wave of interest? Let’s figure it out.

#3 - Illusions: How The Crypto Market Centralized Itself

This is the first part of deep research that was conducted by Anastasia Ermolaeva. And though her conclusion is already mentioned in the title, we encourage you to spend some time on this article if you still haven’t. All the main factors that had put the idealistic idea of crypto market decentralization on the verge of collapse should become crystal clear for you. Whether you agree with it or not, we think this is a great research and the third place this week is well-deserved!

#2 - Genghis Khan’s Descendants: Will The Crypto Experiment Be The Economic Attack Of The New Golden Horde

Mongolia was one of the leaders of the economic growth just a few years ago, but nowadays it’s nearly a bankrupt. The country leaders keep going over ideas that could save the country from the ongoing financial crisis. And surprisingly the country, where cattle breeding is still the main business of the popular majority, has every chance for it, the experts say. Exploiting the lucky neighbourhood with two regional superpowers China and Russia, Mongolia can make a real breakthrough. How? Crypto is the answer!

#1 - Illusions Perdues: In Economics, The Majority Is Always Wrong

The leader of the week is a sequel of “Illusions”. Not the movie, but the article. We are witnessing the another aspect of decentralization decline here. Traditional financial instruments of fundraising, such as IPOs, are getting more and more recognition on the crypto market these days. Even Coinbase is reportedly planning to hold one in future. In the article that gained almost 4200 views by this weekend, our experts convincingly explain why it is very likely to happen.

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