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The Total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Reaches An All-Time High Of $2.6 Trln

Anna Martynova

At the start of the week, cryptocurrency markets began to rise again and the total market capitalization hit an all-time high. According to CoinGecko, the market cap of all cryptocurrencies is $2.6 trln. The previous record of $2.55 trln was reached on May 12, when many altcoins hit their own all-time highs.

The capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market is now greater than that of the world's largest company. Apple has a market capitalization of approximately $2.39 trln, according to CompaniesMarketcap. The second largest company is software giant Microsoft with a capitalization of $2.28 trln.

Compared to companies, bitcoin, with a market cap of $1.18 trln, ranks sixth in the world and surpasses Facebook with $915 bln, but lags behind Amazon with $1.7 trln. Ethereum accounts for 17% of the entire market with a market capitalization of $458 bln, or roughly the same market cap as the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has.

Image: Blockworks

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