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Iran Postpones the Issue of Licenses for Mining Equipment

The Iranian Customs Administration has not issued a license to import equipment for mining digital currency into the country due to lack of government approval. Deputy President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) Jamal AROUNAGHI said that the agency has not yet issued any licenses, despite the fact that the tariff rate for imports has been determined.

However, the presence of the rates does not mean that the import is legal or approved by the state: mining equipment is still prohibited for importing. The situation is paradoxical: the mining itself is permitted and approved. Thus, Iran’s Minister for Information and Communications Technology, Mohammad Javad Azari JAHROMI said that the country had become a “heaven for miners”, adding:

“The business of ‘mining’ is not forbidden in law but the government and the Central Bank have ordered the Customs Bureau to ban the import of [mining machines] until new regulations are introduced.”

Officials say that if the government allows the import of cryptocurrency mining equipment, IRICA will develop the appropriate directives.

Image courtesy of Bitrates.com

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