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BTC-e to come back from the dead (in 3 steps)

The BTC-e representatives have published a new statement (in Russian) that describes three stages of this cryptocurrency exchange coming back online. The message was posted on an old-school Bitcointalk forum the representatives chose as a primary means of communication for some reason.

The BTC-e tells that the first step is the transfer of user digital confidential data from the old company (or, rather, from its ruins) to the new institution the BTC-e personnel was establishing this whole time after the collapse. The database will be fully compliant with the European Union legislation on the matter, representatives assure.

The second step or phase two will be all about restructuration of cryptocurrency assets and the user digital data registration.

The third step will contain audit and AML/KYC compliant confidential data registration and verification. The post also tells that there will be additional security features, like verifying the digital balance integrity and implementing changes in security parameters of the user account. The BTC-e representative also promised there will be a chat on the new website.

The new website will be launched… on the old domain, btc-e.nz. Interesting how they managed to reacquire it after it was confiscated by the FBI for a time being.

This is what happened to the old BTC-e website in July

Image courtesy of Bitcoin.com

The BTC-e statements still look suspicious. Why not tell where the FBI and the FCEN were wrong, exactly? Why not expand the means of communication, seeing how much international attention is paid to your service? The service would not be the first to choose even before all this catastrophe in July, but since then the management will have to work hard to regain the market’s trust. For now, it’s better wait and see how this exchange works in the first three months if it’s really going to re-launch.

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