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Bitrefill Included An Option To Pay For Airbnb And Netflix With Crypto


Bitrefill, a Bitcoin airtime merchant and cryptocurrency payment provider, has created an opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to rent Airbnb using Bitcoin, and some other altcoins like Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Bitrefill’s Airbnb Gift Cards can be used for hotel reservations, however, long term reservations of 28 nights or longer cannot be achieved with the gift card.

07-02-2019 17:16:17  |   Investments
Also, Bitrefill announced it has launched a gift card payment option for Neflix. What this infers is that Netflix Subscriptions can now be purchased and renewed with Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin.

It is easy for Bitrefill customers to purchase $25, $30, and $50, and EUR denominations of €15, €25, and €50, with Bitcoin and some other altcoins. Bitrefill is one of the longest surviving payment option in the crypto space. In 2015, the crypto payment company partnered with New York-based crypto exchange Celery to perfect remittance of phone minutes in over 100 countries. With over 130,000 customers across the globe, Bitrefill is on the run to increasing cryptocurrency adoption by bringing in the use of bitcoin in some areas requiring cheap and easy payment option.

Image courtesy of Bitcoin Exchange Guide

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