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How Blockchain is Changing Digital Marketing

13 May 2019 13:17, UTC
Karoline Gore

88% of marketers use data obtained by third parties to enhance their understanding of their customers base according to Forbes. Every time a person uses the Internet, their information is saved and stored so marketers can use it later. Consumers have been getting more and more annoyed with how little control they have and how much of their private information is available to businesses which has led to concerns about their digital security. Marketers are also unhappy with this free-for-all of information because of the frequency of fraud. Consumers and marketers are both yearning for private and confidential transactions — that’s where blockchain comes in.

Utilizing Blockchain in Digital Marketing

Blockchain technology could completely revolutionize the current system by acting as a regulator. As the system stands, media sites like Google act as a middleman by facilitating and verifying the details of transactions during the buying and selling process. Blockchain is able to do this instead as well as keep a record of the transaction.

Blockchain technology allows users to access websites while maintaining their privacy and security; users are able to explicitly give read/write permissions to their personal information. This data is then directly encrypted on their personal device, removing the need for a third party. Consumers can access the sites they want, without worrying about receiving unwanted targeted advertising — giving the power back to the people.

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By getting rid of the middleman, consumers’ private details are no longer available to digital marketers for leads. Although this means less overall leads that doesn’t mean less customers. Because consumers are controlling who gets their information, the amount of leads for marketers is lower, but the quality of leads will be much better.

What Does Blockchain Mean for SEOs

As blockchain becomes more and more popular, companies are pressed to figure out how to integrate this new technology with websites. While somewhat of a challenge, it also presents a great opportunity. Web developers and SEOs can collaborate to make blockchain more compatible with content management systems and websites. Early adopters of this evolving system will be extremely successful both in their field and financially whereas those who struggle to adapt will either have to get some help or be left behind. SEO is constantly changing and evolving and this is just another step on that journey.

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One really important part of SEOs that blockchains can actually improve are keywords. In general, it’s difficult to assess the position of a search term because there are so many moving parts influencing it such as the type and location of the search. Blockchain is able to quickly gather results from a myriad of locations and track keyword position across a variety of factors, simplifying the entire process.

This is Just the Beginning

Blockchain technology has already had a huge impact on SEO and digital marketing and it’s actually expected to grow and change the equation behind value exchanges on the internet. It’s easy to tell that blockchain technology is just getting started; there are so many other issues that it could solve, it’s just a matter of when it will happen.

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