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Here’s How A Cloud Aggregator of Aggregators Leads the Way in Cloud Computing with DePIN Model

29 February 2024 15:02, UTC

Fueling a 78% surge in NCDT value, outperforming competitors

The DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) model is challenging traditional computing norms and addressing scalability and sustainability issues in cloud computing. As of December 2023, the DePIN market is valued at ~$2.2 trillion and has become a significant segment of the Web3 ecosystem where a few key players have made significant strides, such as iExec, and Akash Network. Among these, however, nuco.cloud has firmly established itself as a leading cloud aggregator of aggregators presenting the world’s first decentralized mesh hyperscaler.

This article visualizes the comparative aspects of these platforms, with a particular focus on nuco.cloud’s distinctive features that set it apart in the bull market, with the NCDT token witnessing an astonishing 78% price increase in just 30 days.

DePIN, Hyperscaler and Decentralized Mesh Hyperscaler

Before comparing the three platforms, it’s essential to understand the concept of DePIN, what a hyperscaler is, and the emergence of the world’s first decentralized mesh hyperscaler.

DePIN: Unlike traditional cloud services, which rely on centralized data centers owned by a single entity, a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) democratizes access to computing resources by allowing individuals and businesses to contribute their idle computing power (especially GPUs) to the network.

This decentralized approach not only alleviates the GPU shortage but also enhances the overall capacity and efficiency of the cloud computing ecosystem. Furthermore, a DePIN incorporates a crypto incentive mechanism for rewarding contributors with cryptocurrencies, thereby encouraging more participants to join the network.

Hyperscaler: A hyperscaler in cloud computing refers to a type of cloud service provider that can scale its services massively in response to demand. They operate vast networks of data centers and offer a wide range of cloud services, including storage, computing, and networking, to handle enormous volumes of data and traffic.

The significance of hyperscalers lies in their ability to provide scalable, reliable, and efficient cloud services that can support the growing demands of modern digital businesses and applications.

Decentralized mesh hyperscaler: It’s nuco.cloud’s revolutionary approach that has combined several data centers worldwide into a mesh network by connecting them through distribution technology, making the world’s first decentralized mesh hyperscaler — “nuco.cloud SKYNET”.

nuco.cloud SKYNET brings together the best features from two of its own technologies: the robust infrastructure of nuco.cloud PRO that provides unused computing power from professional data centers and the innovative distribution technology of nuco.cloud GO that connects those data centers into a mesh network.

nuco.cloud: Leading with DePIN as a Hyperscaler

While iExec and Akash Network are notable players in the decentralized cloud computing space, they differ from nuco.cloud in several aspects. These distinctions are significant meaning nuco.cloud can support exponential scaling, making it more adaptable to surges in demand and capable of handling vast computational loads, a critical advantage in cloud computing.

Hyperscaler capabilities

iExec focuses on creating a marketplace for decentralized computing resources and Akash Network operates a decentralized cloud computing marketplace. However, despite their contributions to decentralizing cloud computing, neither of them qualify as a hyperscaler whereas nuco.cloud represents the world’s first decentralized mesh hyperscaler. This capability has propelled nuco.cloud to outperform competitors like iExec (RLC) and Akash Network (AKT), particularly evident in the bull market where NCDT, nuco.cloud’s token saw a 78% price surge in a mere 30 days.

Smart, dynamic pricing model

Another key advantage of nuco.cloud is its smart, dynamic pricing model based on supply and demand. Unlike iExec and Akash Network, where miners set their own prices, nuco.cloud’s pricing strategy ensures more competitive rates, making cloud computing services more accessible and affordable.

Regulatory compliance

An often overlooked but crucial aspect of cloud computing services is compliance with regulatory standards, particularly in regions with stringent data protection laws. nuco.cloud stands out by being EU-GDPR compliant and eligible in Germany, providing it with a significant competitive edge in the European market. This compliance ensures that nuco.cloud adheres to the highest standards of data protection and privacy, a critical consideration for businesses and individuals in the EU. In contrast, iExec and Akash Network have not explicitly achieved this level of regulatory compliance, which may limit their appeal to users in sensitive jurisdictions.

Outperforming Traditional Aggregators

As nuco.cloud continues to outshine established players like iExec and Akash Network, the company is setting new benchmarks for innovation and performance in the cloud computing sector. With its user-friendly, efficient, and innovative platform, nuco.cloud introduces a game-changing solution to the cloud computing challenges, especially in terms of GPU availability. It is also paving the way for the future of decentralized cloud computing.

By decentralizing the physical infrastructures, nuco.cloud enables a more scalable, flexible, and efficient allocation of resources, ensuring that the growing demand for computational power is met with unmatched supply capabilities. This approach empowers both individual and enterprise users with more reliable and cost-effective computing resources.

The recent bull market has shone a spotlight on nuco.cloud’s achievements, with the platform’s native token, NCDT, reflecting the confidence and enthusiasm of the investor community. The 78% surge in NCDT’s price over just a month is a testament to the potential and impact of nuco.cloud’s innovations. This performance not only underscores the platform’s leading position in the market but also highlights the growing recognition of decentralized solutions as the future of cloud computing.