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Artificial Intelligence: The Transformation of Humanity To Begin In 5-7 Years

31 August 2018 20:03, UTC
Anna Zhygalina, Catherine Lange

Do you have big plans for the next 10 years? Are you anticipating to have a great day at your favorite work ahead? Say goodbye to it today! Somewhere in the Silicon Valley, an advanced AI retrains one by one neural network that will dictate us the terms of the game soon. And by 2037, robots will replace the millions of jobs and create the new ones. An Unequal professional fight is conducted just now. Industrial robots displace people from thousands of vacancies. Robots-surgeons and robots-virologists are being actively introduced in medicine. However, in these battles AI sometimes loses and leaves the prerogative for humans , for example, a robot-anesthesiologist has been utilized because of its “inhumanity”. To compete with the new self-developing “digital godlike intelligence” You have to be ready to implant the extra neurons into Your brain and change a career in 50.

When the “digital godlike intelligence” closes the door…

PwC consulting company recently presented a report that warns the humanity saying that there will be a place for people in the near future, but we need to catch up with time to jump into this modern future right now to take our “place”.

Accordingly, the number of industrial specialties will be reduced by 30 percent in the UK and the number of jobs in the transport sector - by 38 percent. However, the balance will be reached by the creation of new jobs in other fields, such as health care where the number of jobs will increase by 34 percent. Overall, it’s planned to complete the total requalification of the vast scale in the UK by 2037.

According to forecasts, robots will create as many jobs as they are to take away. After all, when God closes the door, he opens the window. But it is better to be awarded now, what window the “digital godlike intelligence” will open for us in the near future.

From HR to robot nurses

"Artificial intelligence is permeating all human activities, at all levels, not only physically, but also at a virtual level, from applications and components in smartphones, to personal assistants who will take care of all household chores. As an example there is Alexa of Amazon, or Google Assistant, to mention the most relevant. All these developments will allow configuring the smart house, since all the elements and equipment will be connected to the assistant”, - said Sophie MILES, CEO of the company in the USA, Canada, and South Africa to Bitnewtoday.com.

She points out that in Japan robots are developed exclusively for household tasks, such as cleaning or cooking. And also there is an attention paid to creating robotic assistants for the elderly, that will provide not only domestic assistance but will also act as a company to these people.

Artificial intelligence will allow the creation of digital HR, much more efficient due to the ability to process large amounts of data and the function of autonomous training that will easily identify any human emotions, so they can give an answer and guidance.

Experiments on the introduction of AI are carried out in different fields so it can replace the work of the whole team. It is widely disseminated: from marketing and advertising companies to e-commerce and the credit sector. But often experiments fail because of the resistance of the people who are afraid to lose their jobs, as well as managers whose plans are contrary to the decisions taken by the implemented AI.

Close and closer - to Your body

There is a natural question: how to prepare our children and how to change ourselves in conditions of complete uncertainty? A lot of researchers agree that the most useful skill for people is the ability to learn and change. It becomes obvious that the human body will be transformed by AI discoveries in bioengineering and neurocomputer interfaces. We can already watch the latest developments like "memory prostheses" that can not only expand the cognitive capabilities of the human brain but also cure the most severe diseases such as epilepsy and Alzheimer.

Before your brain explodes

It’s just a physiological phenomenon, that the brain of an adult is not adapted to rapid and frequent changes. It is quite difficult for a person to "re-organize" his synapses, while the AI will do it easily and form new neural connections with an incredible speed. Ai self-recognizing itself in anew every moment.

Sophie MILES believes that if robots can already not only beat us at chess or anticipate what type of toothpaste we would like to buy, but also make creative decisions or discern regarding aesthetic or editorial issues. So we are forced to rethink the yardstick with which we characterize our humanity.

"The stimulating thing is that as we are compelled to dive into these issues, we also enable a whole new vision about our potential, that otherwise, we might not have discovered.”

Have time to jump into a past flying plate

As with any industrial revolution, a total “sweep” or “the job replacement” is coming. Futurologists believe that people will soon cease to be in demand: accountant, statistician, copywriter, librarian, notary, system administrator and others.What will robots leave for people?

The scientists predict that these IT-professions will be saved for people: the interface designers, the cybernetics of smart environments. In medicine there are the robotic prostheses and implants developers, IT genetics, bioethics. In agriculture there are city farmers, the ecologists and the agriculturists, the architects of live systems, the GMO agronomists. The architecture will also need a human mind, as there will be expected the vacancies in the design of digital smart houses.

There's still a time

Director of the AI training platform in San Francisco Emrah GULTEKIN in an interview for Bitnewstoday.com has reassured that we still have enough time to prepare for the upcoming changes. "AI will change our lives in phases, not immediately.

It’s not going to happen overnight. Expect small increments that’ll slowly creep into business and personal life over the next 5-7 years."Emrah believes that despite of the global fear that robots will take all our jobs, they will help us to improve the quality of life so much that adaptation will be painless.And although now everyone is rapidly fighting for leadership in the digital economy, according to GULTEKIN, there are no prerequisites for one company or even a handful of companies to dominate.

Danish futurist Rolf JENSEN in his book “The Dream Society” described this stage of human development as a transition from the “world of information” to the “world of imagination.” And in order to keep up and stand at the head of progress, we will have to constantly learn: learn to be a creator and a discoverer, because this is a time that opens up limitless opportunities for us.