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Artificial Intelligence in Trading: the World Markets Case Study

19 June 2020 14:12, UTC

Artificial Intelligence is word-of-mouth in dozens of industries, as the technology continues to disrupt various established processes with its innovative approach. Going back, since 2018, Bitnewstoday has repeatedly reported about AI in trading and brokerage processes. For several years, AI continues to grow its presence as its use for database analysis has become the main trend in the race for large companies profits. JPMorgan reported back in 2017 that the markets are overwhelmed with algorithmic trading, where traditional traders are left with 10% of trading volume only. As been earlier told to our outlet by Mark Lynd, a Top-15 ranked influencer, and practitioner for AI, Digital Transformation, DLT and Crypto:

“Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and Genetic Algorithms are considered the primary types used for trading analysis, risk measurement and price predictions.”

The financial services and tech industries continue to gain a competitive advantage and create new revenue streams. The big vendors like IBM are using Watson to push out more sophisticated tools to help their clients realize these benefits. There are several established brokers which gain the upper hand by implementing AI in their processes, and one of them got our attention today — World Markets.

World Markets has been active for 17 years, starting as a precious metals dealer in 2003. Still, being an established legacy player, the company was always looking to provide various services for its customers. Following the strategy, World Markets consequently became a broker which also trades different currency pairs, including crypto, as well as stocks, indices and commodities. And, of course, World Markets effectively utilizes the opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in its trading operations since 2017.

In fact, the word “effectively” is not just for the sake of greasing the rhetoric, the company has all performance proof in its stash, and it’s really remarkable. The product which defines World Markets’ meaning for “effectiveness”, is the Professional Managed Trading Fund, with AI-managed trading accounts for their customers.

Its compound grows year-to-year, starting from +481% in 2017, shifting to +647% in 2018 and making a solid +718% in 2019. As 2020 appeared to release a great bunch of black swans to the markets, the fund continues to perform outstandingly, making over 100% compound return during the last quarter. It provides a confident and stable return on investment, not depending on whether it’s a bullish or bearish trend taking place. As of December 19, the average monthly return was 21,77%.

Of course, it all doesn’t come just from a scratch — the company strongly invested in R&D in the sphere of AI and neural networks. The result of the developed and working model of valuation prediction speaks for itself. And still, despite the outstanding performance boosted by AI, World Markets still control the processes 24/7, manually, by the experienced team of traders. Also, World Markets is the winner of different financial awards, which depicts its high level of performance and credibility. Taking into consideration all the facts mentioned above, adding the high levels of security — it’s no wonder that there is a great number of investors who are eager to partner with World Markets. They vary from institutional investors to private ones, totalling 50,000 clients worldwide.

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The well-established model of AI-powered trading allows World Markets to set attractive managed account fees for the customers. There are two types of accounts on the platform: the Standard accounts are charged with 20% performance fee with additional 1% annual fee. The fees for the Premium accounts consist of 10% for performance, and 1% annual.

So, while the markets are in a great turmoil — almost an unprecedented perfect storm — investors are looking for safe havens. With AI-powered trading, developed to perform in all possible market conditions, it is possible not only to keep the funds, but to multiply them. You can always visit the homepage of World Markets for a better understanding of the company and learn more about AI-managed accounts on a specific page here. Good luck and keep your assets safe these days!