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Adopting Innovative Technologies into Blockchain Applications to Increase User Experience

Michael Usiagwu

Blockchain applications’ innovative technologies have been very helpful in offering greater transparency in securing the data of users against hackers that are in the hunt to compromise it. Furthermore, these new technologies have also been helping users handle cost reduction effectively. Further, this insight will explain implementing new technologies into blockchain applications will help in improving the user experience.

Advantages of Blockchain Applications to Users

First and foremost, they built every blockchain application to stop fraudulent and unauthorized activities. Since every data on these platforms are treated to be sensitive and important, every record you have created remains unaltered and encrypted end-to-end.

With the greater transparency feature that comes with blockchain, each network participant with permissioned access can easily view all the details of a transaction and possibly cancel out any visible attempted fraudulent activity as soon as they see it.

Unlike traditional heavy-paper processes that are time-consuming and susceptible to human error, blockchain applications are engineered to aid faster transaction completion efficiently. In addition to that, blockchain generally does not even need a third-party mediation. There is no need for paper exchange between parties involved as transaction details and documentation can both be stored on a blockchain.

More conveniently, “smart contracts” can easily be used to automate transactions on blockchain applications. What are smart contracts? Smart contracts are simply digital contracts stored on a blockchain that is programmed to execute any time predetermined conditions are met. This advantage is of great importance because it does not involve any intermediaries.

Lastly, there is an audit trail created on blockchain for documenting the provenance of an asset at every journey of each step. In addition, users can also share data about provenance directly with blockchain directly with any customer.

Improving User Experience through the Adoption of Innovative Technologies in Blockchain Applications

As explained below, the integration of smart contracts, identity management, Cross-Border Payments, supply chain analysis, etc. into blockchain applications will go a long way in improving user experience:

  • Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are new computer programs blockchain technology that takes control of every aspect of an agreement starting from facilitation to execution. It’s a self-executing and self-enforcing technology that is executed once certain conditions are met. This is an innovation that every user would love to interact with because of the fact that it is way cheaper and faster than traditional methods. Not only that, it is built to be more secure and automated compared to traditional contract law.

  • Identity management

There are independent verification processes that occur any time a user is on a blockchain network. This helps in providing an improved security shield against hackers that aim to steal and profit off from some online identities and their respective private information. It is used for the approval of transaction blocks prior to the time they will be added to the chain in the instances of digital currency. Aside from the aforementioned blockchain technological integration, it can also use this identity management mechanism for identity verification and other related applications.

  • Cross-Border Payment

This particular blockchain technology has proven to be cheaper and faster than the traditional means. Furthermore, it may be twice less expensive than the typical remittance costs. Apart from that, its guaranteed and real-time transaction processing speed is tremendously high in order to avoid wasting users’ time unnecessarily.

  • Supply Chain Analysis

A well-run business can be a function of a well-performing and efficient supply chain. Many industries today adopt blockchain technology in noting supply chains and ensuring their efficiency. Apart from the fact that this integration helps in removing the potential error from an important and complex process, it also does the necessary work in place of humans.


Blockchain technologies enable for safe, secured, and transparency of data between organizations and enterprises. Innovations in these technologies will continue to revolutionize business processes. The ability of enterprises to adopt these dynamics in blockchain technologies will also help improve user experiences as well.

About the Author

The text is written on behalf of the team at APIS . They are highly knowledgeable in providing blockchain technology innovations that would change the world and improve user experience positively. APIS is aimed at ending the centralized way of bookkeeping and replacing it with the decentralized way of handling things so that there would never be middlemen in their fees anymore.

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