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White House: yes, it was North Korea behind those WannaCry hackers

Tom Bossert, White House Homeland Security Adviser, confirms in the article for the respectable Wall Street Journal that it was exactly as the security firms previously suspected — the North Korean regime simply encouraged the hackers it recruited to infect the computers around the world with a powerful virus called WannaCry. The shortsightedness of North Korea is notorious, as it’s always trying to threaten the world and get more sanctions instead of any benefits it might have imagined.

According to Bossert, who writes clearly after reading a detailed investigation, the virus which made the users to pay hackers in cryptocurrency did not even unblock the files once the ransom was paid, and the total losses as a result of this attack are billions of dollars. If one does not trust the U.S. intelligence very much, the article implies that the United Kingdom intelligence and Microsoft came to the same conclusions — North Korea is to blame.

The work of the intelligence agencies was praised by the local politicians, with the Democrat on the House Oversight Committee stating that these agencies have done a great deal of work and other countries should punish the DPRK regime even more now that they know this.

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