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VK social network now allows to advertise cryptocurrency and blockchain services

07 August 2017 21:00, UTC

The advertisement of cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain services, educational platforms and mass media focused on mining and bitcoins is now allowed to appear on the pages of the popular VK social media, tells RNS.

As the official statement of VK management declares, the lifting of restrictions will ensure the growth of opportunities for active development of cryptocurrency market. Certainly, only the state-approved platforms will be able to use this new promotion option.

The social network itself demonstrates the splash of popularity of mining and cryptocurrency topics. Over the year, the number of references to “Bitcoin” has increased by 148%, “mining” (its Russian equivalent, as with other examples) – by 244%, “cryptocurrency” – by 347%, “ethereum” – 385%, and the leader in this list is “blockchain” with the number of mentions increased by 468%. Over 1 million people are following the groups connected with this theme of mining and cryptocurrency.

The website administration, however, pointed out that it will still moderate the advertisement. Authors of ads promising “fast and passive income” without any guarantees should lose hopes of ever seeing them approved.