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Vitalik Buterin meets with the Thailand Central Bank

Omise, the decentralized cryptocurrency startup that offers its brand technology by the name of OmiseGO that involves Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum and the leader of Ethereum protocol development, and the Central Bank of Thailand, the main financial regulator in this country in Southeast Asia, had a joint discussion on the future of the Thai economy.

The photos from the meeting have been posted on the official OmiseGO Twitter account. The discussion was focused on Ethereum and blockchain implementation in the country and its financial sector. Omise clearly came to this meeting with the hope to promote its blockchain solutions to the Bank of Thailand so that it could upgrade its internal structure; Mr Buterin must have had something similar in mind as well.

Banks from many various parts of the world are becoming more and more interested in blockchain as the benefits become more and more obvious. For example, recently it became known to public that the banks of Middle East and Northern Africa (or the META region) are experimenting with blockchain and plan to implement it their business activities, each bank in its own way. However, the Thai government demonstrates even more openness to innovative ideas and opportunities, sharing the sentiment of China (it somehow plans to create a digital version of its state currency), South Korea and Japan (both are actively developing liberal legal infrastructure for cryptocurrencies).

Photo source: Omise official twitter, @OmiseGO

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