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UK banks do not want to provide mortgages for Bitcoin investors

As suggested by the local British newspaper, those investors who decided to get mortgages with their revenue collected after the price of asset they invested in - Bitcoin - has grown considerably, are being prevented from getting mortgages to buy houses. The banks explain this inequality in customer service by telling they do not really know where this money come from, and a seemingly good-looking chap who tells he just invested at the right time can actually be a money launderer, as they might suspect.

One of the main features of Bitcoin is that it is not issued by any central bank or authority, relying on miners instead. The current Bitcoin supply is 80% of mined with 4.2 million BTC still remaining. And yes, partially, the value of Bitcoin is backed by the Darknet users and criminals who buy cryptocurrency to hide finances they stole.

Cryptocurrency billionaires and millionaires are the real winners of the price growth we have witnessed since the end of summer of the past year, and they will almost certainly find another way to buy property. There is also the factor of other regulators which keeps Bitcoin cleaner than it could have been: the United States Treasury lately admitted it tracks suspicious Bitcoin activities.

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