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The United States now have an ICO regulative commission

31 August 2017 21:00, UTC

The U.S. Financial Commission has created a work group of experts with a vast knowledge of financial sphere to certificate, regulate and assess the future initial coin offerings in the country. This ICO regulator is called the ICO Certification Committee (ICC).

Its chairman, Peter Tatarnikov, told about the pre-conditions of the ICC emergence and the future committee plans. He told that this certification service was a “natural addition” to the existing services in the United States authorities. Amidst the rapidly growing interest in the initial coin offering as a means of business, the Financial Commission is pleased to have a group of people who know for sure which ICO is eligible enough to certificate and which is not, he added.

This commission will be operating as a subsidiary to the Financial Commission and find out which factors make the initial coin offering eligible enough to be certified. Looks like the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) will have less work to do, as this new ICC body will pre-moderate the ICO conditions with its organizers.