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The Legalities of Playing at Non GamStop Casinos That Accept Crypto Payments

13 June 2023 15:32, UTC

These days more and more casinos will accept your deposits in cryptocurrencies. You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum and in some cases, over 20 different coins. But you still need to understand the legality of these casinos. Some of these casinos are not available in your particular country! We must talk about two important things. The first will be the legal framework of the site outside GamStop, and another will be risks.

Legal Framework for Crypto-Friendly Casinos Not On GamStop

In the UK, at the moment, casinos not on GamStop with crypto support are technically allowed to be used but with a couple of nuances. That point is that without a UK Gambling Commission permit is technically not allowed to provide gambling activities in the United Kingdom. The last point is very important since we are talking about an online casino and crypto payments, you are not tied to any specific locale or country. So, you will be okay with any casinos not in GamStop as they usually accept cryptocurrency and are available for all UK players. What is not forbidden is allowed and there is no need to worry about playing there.

Risks of Playing at Casinos Outside GamStop That Support Crypto Transactions

Casinos outside GamStop and cryptocurrencies have one common thing — risk. Unfortunately, in this case, minus multiply minus is not plus, so the connection between these two has some drawbacks that you have to know. Firstly, casinos without self-exclusion restrictions that accept cryptocurrencies are much harder to regulate than ordinary sites. In some cases, that is even impossible, meaning that a site can do anything the owners like and want. This happens rarely but the issue still exists.

Other risks that might be present are money laundering, fraud, and similar illegal activities on the site. Keep in mind one thing. All of these are risks that are possible but far from common. Some of those sites still require KYC and have foreign licences, which makes all of these risks a thing of the past. If you want to avoid all the risks and have fun that is safe, continue reading. We will help you with the most important steps and things you need to know.

How to Play Safely and Legally at Non GamStop Casinos That Allow Payments In Cryptocurrencies

The first thing you will have to do is check the licences that are present in the footer of the site. The most popular authorities that issue licenses for these types of casinos are MGA or Curacao eGaming. They work with non-GamStop casinos, cryptocurrencies sites or any other alternatives available to self-excluded players. By the way, the fact that they are all registered in one place greatly simplifies the information search.

Also would be useful to look for a website owner and consider the brand reputation. In some way, a reputable name is a good alternative to a well-known licence. If the brand is safe and reputable, you can proceed. It is a wise thing to look at the reviews who played there. If they are happy, you will be happy. If they made a mistake, you won’t!

One thing we like to add is that software developers and other payment methods have an interesting role here. Most of these brands which are massive and reputable will refuse to cooperate with shady gambling providers! Usually, there is a strong connection between the brand reputation and payment or gaming options that are present. To make it clearer, we have prepared a guide to follow when you are looking for a place to play. These are obvious things once you do them, you will know them by heart:

  1. Check the casino’s reputation and licencing.

  2. Check the cryptocurrency payment methods.

  3. Protect your cryptocurrency wallet with secure storage and two-factor authentication.

  4. Set your playing time and budget limits to avoid overspending or gambling addiction.

  5. Stay in touch with the latest changes in the law regarding non-GamStop casinos with crypto payments


All you have to remember is that non-GamStop crypto sites can be safe and fair places on the web to play and win. These providers usually support the most responsible gaming initiatives, making them more attractive to some players. You won’t get into trouble or break the law if you play at one. However, We recommend you understand the relationship between gambling and crypto trading since you should know how to find the best casino of this kind and how to check if is it reputable. Basically, we have covered all the basic things and know you are ready to try.