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South Korean Prime Minister: Bitcoin spoils our kids

The Prime Minister of South Korea told the media about his doubts on cryptocurrency market in connection with the young generation. According to him, kids use Bitcoin and unknowingly waste money in the pyramid schemes connected with it. Such haste is connected with the rapid growth of market, and, as the Prime Minister believes, will end in some kind of  “serious pathological phenomenons” (cited by Bloomberg).

However, the social media quickly reacted, some observers correctly noting that kids in South Korea must have thousands of dollars by now to make a sensible Bitcoin investment.

In other news from South Korea: while Bitcoin may spoil somebody (at the end of the day, everything can be corrupting), it certainly does not spoil the business of the local mall called Goto. It has agreed to cooperate with HTS Coin, a cryptocurrency exchange, and 620 shops in that mall will start to accept bitcoins at the beginning of this December. This shopping center is located near one of the popular metro stations and its daily footfall is half a million people, which is bigger than some actual towns’ population.

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