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Russian miners tried to use computers of the ex-top secret nuclear research facility

08 February 2018 21:00, UTC

The Russian town of Sarov has a long and interesting history connected with the nuclear research, it still has some restrictive laws the regular Russian cities do not have, as it’s one of the “closed cities”. Naturally, its research facilities have special equipment, and some daring Russians decided to use this equipment for mining. They were tempted by the computational power, notes the local media.

But security services in “closed cities” like these are always on watch aiming to prevent possible subversions, just like they did during the Cold War. This is why those miners didn’t even mine a single bitcoin, but have been detained as a result of collaboration of the local research center security and the FSB (direct KGB successor). A criminal case has been initiated, some media outlets even tell about Article 275 of the Russian Penal Code (High Treason), but this information has not been confirmed.

“They will be prosecuted at our facilities, this business [here] will not succeed technologically and will be subject to criminal prosecution”, vehemently states the federal research center in Sarov.