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Russian citizen fooled with fake physical bitcoins

The hype around Bitcoin has become so wide that scammers who clearly don’t read through cryptocurrency news daily have started to use the topic in their primitive schemes.

The Russian social media, VK, has communities which titles are starting with Typical, with different posts related to a city or an organization, sent by followers and published after pre-moderation. One of these communities, Typical Obninsk, has lately seen a story of a man from the town of Obninsk, who bought bitcoins from local “intellectually-looking” Romani people who sold fake coins with a Bitcoin logo on it, telling stories about how this currency is growing fast. The man bought it for 2000 rubles (at the press time, 34 U.S. dollars), which is actually much less than the price of real bitcoins (1 Bitcoin now equals 244 thousand Russian roubles).

However humorous this might be, proposals to produce Bitcoin in physical form have been heard from 2011, but currently, the community overall does not support such plans.

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