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Pavel Durov: don’t fall for scams related to Telegram ICO and Gram tokens

Pavel Durov, founder of both VK.com, a popular Russian social media which some Russians even consider better than Facebook, and Telegram, a messenger focused on privacy of its users, now has to debunk scammers offering to buy Gram coins, tells the media.

Scammers use the hype around the possible launch of the initial coin offering of Telegram blockchain platform to achieve their goals, that is, to fool people once again. As once noted by the American official responsible for regulation of initial coin offerings, scammers appear like the “roaches out of the woodwork” once they see an opportunity. Meanwhile, Durov offers to report scams like these on a dedicated Telegram channel.

Telegram is a messenger which serves as a means of communication for those people who are concerned with privacy and governmental monitoring - and it has cool stickers too. The news on its initial coin offering, still unconfirmed by the official leadership of the project, has flooded the media recently. Some leaks, however, suggest that the development is indeed underway: documents published online demonstrate the deep knowledge of its authors in blockchain technology. Simple fakers would not write in such a way.

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