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North Korea might be responsible for Coincheck hack

06 February 2018 21:00, UTC

Members of the South Korean National Intelligence Service confirm the possibility of the North Korean hackers being the criminal group behind the attack on Coincheck, one of the biggest hacks of cryptocurrency exchanges in history of this market. They have stated this at the parliamentary hearings, as the anonymous sources of some large and trustworthy media outlets tell.

Coincheck, a Japanese-based cryptocurrency exchange, was hacked at the end of January 2018, and the managers quickly held a press conference where they assured the public they are doing everything they can to find out who stole $530 mln and, if it’s still possible, return them. Their adequate actions might have been influenced by their unwillingness to be associated with Mt Gox, an infamous large shady Japanese exchange the management of which disappeared after collapse.

Government-backed North Korean hackers were responsible for the notorious WannaCry attack, the White House officials recently confirmed. The virus extorted money from the victims in exchange for giving back access to files. This has been one of the biggest criminal endeavors involving cryptocurrency by far.