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New Monero miners spotted

Hackers decided to put a Monero miner into a modification for a popular videogame, Grand Theft Auto V, Minerva reports. The Russian mod called Arbuz (“watermelon” in Russian) has a malicious file in the package that is clearly used for latent mining. The Minerva researchers have managed to get to the earlier version of the miner code with the developer’s commentaries on the Pastebin text hosting. Commentaries further suggest the virus is used for mining Monero.

If you are experienced with Regedit (the Windows register edit tool) and feel your computer has been exposed to something similar, create a vaccine that will lead the virus to believe it already works and no installation needed. Run Regedit, create the registry key “HKLM\Software\IntelPlatform” with the value named “Ld566xsMp01a” set to “Loaded”. And you can duplicate this on HKCU as well.

Meanwhile, The Merkle reports about the in-browser miner that is completely open to public in its intentions. Project Tabfor suggests to mine cryptocurrency on the browser page after choosing a charitable cause. This is seriously contrasting with other in-browser miners that work for hackers and hide tracks.

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