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New Congress bill dedicated to fintech task force, cryptocurrency directly mentioned

The new American law on digital currency has chances to be approved by the Congress. Offered by Theodor Paul Budd, Republican politician, this new Financial Technology Innovation and Defense Act outlines the work of a completely new cryptocurrency-focused task force subject to the U.S. Treasury - Steven Mnuchin, who is the leader of this organization and previously expressed serious doubts about cryptocurrencies being a completely clean payment tool, will appoint new members and will even be a member of this task force himself.

American laws and governmental framework allows many similar commissions. For example, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has its own task force responsible for ICOs, because tokens are equal to securities in the legal system of this country. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission regulates Bitcoin futures. Both of these two governmental bodies, by the way, are going to talk about their regulative experience with the U.S. Senate Banking Committee at the beginning of this February, reports tell.

All this tells how cryptocurrency regulation is becoming mainstream in this political season started after Christmas holidays. Europe, Asia and the United States - all major cryptocurrency hubs are now interested in more precise control over this market.

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