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MaskEx Exchange Won the Canadian MBS Financial License

Ian Marchewski

In order to create a compliant, safe and stable social digital asset service platform, MaskEx has strategically deployed globally since its establishment, based on compliant transactions, and successively applied for digital asset trading licenses in many countries and regions around the world.

Why MSB license is essential

After the continuous efforts of the MaskEx team, MaskEx received the MSB financial license in the United States and the NFA financial license in the United States. Bzone users provide services such as foreign exchange and currency transactions (including digital currency/Cryptocurrency)..

The Canadian Fintrac MSB license is a type of financial license supervised and issued by Fintrac (Canadian Financial Transaction and Reporting Analysis Center). Canadian MSB supervision is a currency transaction and currency exchange service type enterprise. It must apply to the central bank and conduct filing supervision. This type of company must also be subject to real-time monitoring data by the Financial Transaction and Reporting Analysis Center (Fintrac) directly under the Ministry of Finance of Canada. And be responsible to the parliamentary activity center to ensure national financial security..

In the development of the blockchain, the tightening of the regulation of digital currency and ICO by global regulatory agencies has occurred from time to time, which has brought a certain impact to the digital asset industry. From a positive perspective, this is a positive reshuffle in the industry. It brings a rational return to the speculative boom that continues to spread on a global scale and returns to the value itself. Under the premise that the voice of embracing supervision and returning to value is becoming louder, a large number of blockchain companies and exchanges have settled overseas in order to achieve compliance in the digital asset trading business. It can be said that the general environment of tighter industry regulation is an opportunity for high-quality blockchain companies and trading platforms..

In the context of the development of this industry, MaskEx has established a firm foothold in the industry based on the foundation of compliance transactions. MaskEx is the safest and most private exchange built for the blockchain industry. It includes a privacy wallet to send and receive from a different address each time, which prevents anyone from tracking your address. The platform includes traditional exchange spot trading, margin trading, contract trading, option trading and wealth management functions. The USDT-M CopyTrader is based on one-click copying; the user can follow any trades placed by their selected trader. We abide by privacy and we will not keep any personal information and data of any user..

The team behind the MaskEx project

The core team of MaskEx all come from senior foreign exchange, securities, and blockchain practitioners such as Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg and other top Wall Street investment banks. Team members have created or participated in the operation of major exchanges, established financial media, film social platforms, and traditional investment risk control departments. They have rich experience in blockchain, exchanges, social networking, and brand operations, and first-class risks control ability and product operation ability.

The MaskEx branch layout in Canada, South Korea, Japan, France and other countries and regions. Each branch has a global operation center and technical center; it has a professional investment consultant team, an international legal consultant team, a market analysis and quantitative trading team. They provide blockchain-encrypted digital asset transactions and other related services for global high-quality projects and investors .

The blockchain industry is developing rapidly, and the industry is full of chaos. Only based on compliant transactions and actively embracing supervision can we seize the opportunity in this reshuffle.

Wrapping up

With the vision of actively embracing supervision in the global financial market, engaging in digital asset business and real blockchain digital assets, futures, indices, contracts and other financial derivatives trading in the field of virtual currency, based on a responsible attitude to investors, make steady progress, strive to provide investors with the best quality services, and strive to allow investors to obtain good returns on digital asset financial products.

MaskEx will continue to promote the global compliance layout, legally engage in legal currency and virtual currency transactions in many countries and regions around the world, and provide virtual currency clearing services between users and banks. The emergence of MaskEx is to establish a "professional, safe, compliant, stable and efficient" social digital asset service platform. MaskEx aims to provide a safe, reliable, fair, open, and free exchange trading environment for blockchain and digital asset enthusiasts.

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