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Local Chinese search engines already block queries on Bitcoin

05 February 2018 21:00, UTC

China sends first Bitcoin websites’ ban confirmation signals. The websites’ ban is described in a separate report by Bitnewstoday. Some search engines of China did not even wait for the official prohibition and have already imposed block for users when they search for cryptocurrency, ICO and Bitcoin, or rather, the Chinese equivalents of these words.

The search engines and social media of China are rather well-developed due to the lack of competitiveness from Google and Twitter blocked in this country on a state level. The managers of these local organizations, however, understand that the regulators would not hold long negotiations in case of any problems.

Meanwhile in Taiwan, the local authorities and lawmakers have chosen their own special way to deal with the cryptocurrency market. ICOs (initial coin offerings) and cryptocurrency exchanges are not banned there, contrary to the mainland neighbors who think this state is just a rebellious part of their country. The government of Taiwan does not want to upset the younger generation, one of the prominent crypto market investors from this country lately explained, and thus the state will not impose strong regulations on this sphere.