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Kazakhstan’s FinMin employees mined at work

04 February 2018 21:00, UTC

The employees of the governmental committee dedicated to state budget revenues did not contribute to the state at all, as the local law enforcement recently found out. The computers they used at work were mining cryptocurrency for those working for this committee within the framework of the state Finance Ministry.

This is not the first time the governmental employees are caught mining at work. If we remember the last year, a minor New York official with Russian origins was also found guilty of consuming the resources of the employers at the local Education Department. There must be some people who were mining at work more carefully and taking the energy consumption spikes into consideration and thus they are still not caught.

Anyway, the problem, while not often appearing in the media in comparison to, say, ICO-related frauds or mining viruses, is still very serious and something must be done by major organizations to ensure that the employees will not be tempted to use computers for similar purposes. Explicitly prohibiting this in the job contract might help prevent this, at least partly.