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Japan exchanges decide to wait and see

01 August 2017 21:00, UTC

The cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan, as well as in all other countries, don’t seem to be very active about trading with the use of new digital currency – Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH).

However, the preparations to enable BCC operations are already underway, most of the major Japanese exchanges have announced the date of the new cryptocurrency trades start, others are still at the planning stage, tells Bitcoin.com.

Deposit and bitcoins withdrawal functions are suspended until 2 August 2017 by several cryptocurrency exchanges based in Japan, including Bitbank.cc, Bittrade, Bitpoint. The first two exchanges promised to start the BCC trading since 3 August 2017, Bitpoint, however, is not so precise, announcing the same change to be implemented ‘somewhere at the middle of August’.

The implementation of trading with the use of BCC on Btcbox is also delayed for unspecified period of time, although the exchange has previously guaranteed that the operations with Bitcoin Cash are to be launched since 1 August 2017. The reason for this is the time needed for the BCC block generation (it should be noted here that at the time of publication the first BCC block has already been mined, so the Btcbox clients should not lose hope).

The following exchanges plan to launch BCC operations soon, although they didn’t specify when: Coincheck, Fisco, GMO-Z Coin, Quoine, Tech Bureau.

The Bitflyer clients were assured that they will have an opportunity to operate with BCC soon and those customers who deposited more than 1 BTC between 31 July and 1 August 2017 can participate in the contest with 1000 yen in cash as a prize.