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IMF not thrilled about people borrowing money to buy cryptos

The IMF decided to speak out on digital currencies once again: its representative reminded about money laundering, tax evasion and risky investments, and called for international cooperation on this matter.

The spokesman of International Monetary Fund is aware of the fact that some people had actually been borrowing money to buy cryptocurrency. This fact has been confirmed by an independent source in America: a poll of active crypto investors has recently shown such people truly exist. As Gerry Rice believes, the public awareness level must be raised so that such investors did not grow in quantity.

While there is absolutely nothing new about the notions concerning financial crimes in the crypto sphere - almost every authority of the world either knows or stated this - the statement on investors shows what financial expert Rupert Watson quite astutely predicted: governments are afraid they will have to face angry people who lost all their money while Bitcoin and other coins are not issued by these governments.

The statement appears in the media amidst news about France, Germany and the United States voicing their intentions to discuss the cryptocurrency regulation issue on a global level at the upcoming G20 summit.

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