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Hurricane Irma becomes a part of yet another phishing trick

13 September 2017 21:00, UTC

Recently, the Reddit users posted and discussed an email message one of the victims of hurricane Irma received, together with similar messages from other people who lived near places where Irma destroyed all on its way. The email, posing as the official message from Blockchain.info, the portal for cryptocurrency amateur enthusiasts, had a story about how the company’s servers in Tampa, the place in America that was heavily damaged by the hurricane, are now destroyed and that the user now would have to do certain steps to get his money or altcoins back.

This all is indeed a scam, everybody soon found out, and warned each other that such messages should be ignored. Phishing messages dissemination is something that hackers have been using for a while. But in this particular case, malefactors have reached the new level of cynicism — tricking people who have just survived a natural disaster, combining it with the fact that Blockchain.info mostly consists of those who just begin to learn about cryptocurrency. Such emails should always be validated, if one has received something suspicious, it’s always better to contact the company’s representatives and consult with them on the matter.