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German Finance Ministry supports French initiative to discuss crypto at G20

The authorities of Germany stated on the topic of cryptocurrency discussion at the upcoming G20 summit. This topic was lately raised by the Minister of the Economy of France, Bruno Le Maire. Germans have a word or two to tell on this issue as well, that’s why the FRG’s Ministry of Finance is ready to discuss this with the colleagues of the corresponding bodies of other G20 member states, several outlets report.

It should be reminded here that the Minister of the Economy of France Bruno Le Maire recently stated that all G20 members should better jointly discuss and assess cryptocurrency. This is why, he told, he is going to raise the issue of this potential discussion during the upcoming meeting with the President of G20 (this time, it’s Argentina’s representative).

Neither the Ministry of Finance of the Federal Republic of Germany nor the French Ministry of Economy were spotted liking cryptocurrency very much - it’s more true to say otherwise, as both governmental bodies beware that this phenomenon is not exactly adequate for the requirements of economic laws which have been establishing during centuries. The media also tells that the position of Germany was also supported by the UK and Italy, which both claimed there is too much dirty money flowing in the cryptosphere. This money often belongs to terrorists, drug merchants and other criminals.

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