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Europol: DASH, Monero and ZCash are hampering the work of law enforcement

The international organization called Europol which combines the forces of the European police departments tells that in many cases, Bitcoin is currently not the cryptocurrency criminals are looking for when they need to hide the unlawful gains.

DASH, Monero and ZCash make the top three altcoins malefactors use. As noted by Jarek Jacubchek who is an expert on cybersecurity at Europol, while Monero does not have a transparent blockchain, DASH does, but mixes transactions in such a way that no third parties can trace where the money went. ZCash has a special security or privacy mode which also hampers the traceability of illicit funds transfer.

The executive director of that same organization has already confirmed the big migration of hackers and other criminals to altcoins, however, in that statement on Twitter he did not specify which altcoins exactly are most favored or notable.

22-03-2018 00:00:00  |   Investments

For market investors, this might mean bad news, as the reputation of all three altcoins has been harmed. At the press time, it seems, the statement of Jarek Jacubchek did not influence the slow growth of ZCash, Monero and DASH at all. One can read more on the privacy differences between DASH and Monero in Bitnewstoday’s interview with DASH spokesperson Amanda B. Johnson.

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