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European Central Bank: cryptocurrency regulation is not our top priority

06 February 2018 21:00, UTC

The lead supervisor of the powerful European Central Bank, or the ECB, has lately told CNBC (American news channel) about how this organization views the issue of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. According to Daniele Nouy, this issue is not number one in the to-do list.

She has also explained that her team is responsible for monitoring the involvement and engagement of banks with cryptocurrency sphere and as of today, it’s very low. The situation might change in the future if, for example, a major American stock exchange includes a digital currency in listings, the ECB’s chief supervisor theoreticized.

This organization which influences the banking policy of all member states of the European Union previously voiced its disapproval of Estcoin, a possible state-issued digital currency in one of the member states of EU, Estonia. This country has done a great deal in the sphere of government technology advancements, as once noted even in America.

Another major financial hub, Singapore, has recently clarified its official position about the regulation of cryptocurrency. As believed by the leadership of the country, cryptocurrencies are underdeveloped and they have to prove as a viable concept first.