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DASH: Europol can talk all it wants

Privacy is optional in DASH, and this puts the whole business in a much more beneficial position in comparison to rivaling digital currencies where transaction traceability is non-customizable. This has been implied by the management of DASH on a recent Moscow blockchain conference in Russia in response to the question made by one of Bitnewstoday’s correspondents.

As a reminder, the Europol has twice implied that cryptocurrencies were hampering the work of  law enforcement and therefore their presence is undesirable. This has been rejected not only by DASH representatives yesterday, but also by the American officials responsible for the tracking of illicit financial activities. According to them, “private” digital currencies are much less private than everybody thinks. Judging by the leaked Snowden documents, there are ways for security agencies to trace even private digital currency transactions.

In other interesting news from the same speech, the delegates from DASH have told that the size of Bitcoin Foundation is now fourfold less than the foundation of their cryptocurrency. Of course, this does not make DASH the number one cryptocurrency in the world, but the future of any project depends on financing.

Image courtesy of Bitnewstoday

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