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Cryptocleptomania: US Secret Service agent sentenced for his second Bitcoin theft

08 November 2017 21:00, UTC

As our readers might remember, in August of this year, Shaun Bridges, the infamous agent who worked in the U.S. Secret Service and stole the coins that previously belonged to the criminals of the Silk Road Dark Web marketplace, has been sentenced for additional 2 years in prison. As it turns out, in addition to the illicit finances of the Silk Road, he snatched 1,600.6488 of BTC during another investigation. At that time, it was equal to $470,000, and now he would have owned $11.9 million, but alas for him, being a Secret Service member doesn’t mean you can just steal the illegal profits of criminals.

Remember BTC-e, the infamous cryptocurrency exchange that has become the subject of a joint investigation by the FBI and the FCEN this summer in connection to the alleged money launderer with Russian origins? It was a place where Shaun Bridges stored the stolen bitcoins.

Mr. Bridges has been sentenced for 71 months for the Silk Road and now he gets plus 24 months for another stealing. Let’s hope he doesn’t hide anything else. But this is unlikely, as the memorandum connected with the investigation tells that Bridges cooperated with the law enforcement, providing info about his misdoings.