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Crypto Staking Bans: How Shiba Memu's AI Vector Could Run Rings Around the Issue

21 July 2023 14:43, UTC

Crypto staking has been an area of controversy over recent years. While completely decentralized finance platforms such as Aave attract a consistent TVL, centralized DeFi products, such as those offered by hedge funds and other traditional companies, have often gone bankrupt.

Major jurisdictions have now banned crypto staking entirely to counteract the risks associated with centralized crypto staking. For decentralized projects in Web3, such as young puppy Shiba Memu, investors have begun to wonder what the after effects could be. But don’t fret: the DeFi restrictions placed should have no negative impact on AI crypto’s latest meme coin.

Crypto staking gets sidelined while AI crypto project SHMU starts to take off

One of the most crypto-friendly jurisdictions in the world, Singapore, recently announced that it had banned crypto staking services in the country. This follows a host of high profile crypto custody firms going bust in 2022, including Genesis and other companies that offered lending and crypto staking to their users.

Singapore’s strong stance has influenced several other countries, including Thailand, to follow suit. With the future of crypto staking now in doubt, DeFi products are left wondering what lies ahead.

During these uncertain conditions, investors have sought out more predictable long-term opportunities. One of the most popular options has turned out to be pack leader-in-waiting Shiba Memu — a new AI crypto project that has attracted investors thanks to its unique blend of technologies.

Could Shiba Memu be the smartest AI crypto puppy in the world?

Shiba Memu is a shrewd development that could see the native token rise in value thanks to the recent uptick in meme coin popularity and artificial intelligence tools. The new AI crypto project uses cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) technology to automatically promote the SHMU native token across the most influential social media networks, which could drive adoption for the project over time.

Although donned by a cute puppy mascot, Shiba Memu’s got a loud bark and a powerful bite. It will examine messages on social networking networks, forums, and other online venues using its supersonic hearing and customize its public relations so that it has the greatest possible impact.

Shiba Memu is a very smart puppy indeed. Since meme coins rely on their online presence to generate investment in the attention economy, the latest AI crypto token could sidestep any restrictions placed on DeFi products by offering itself to users in different jurisdictions around the world. The Shiba Memu bark is being heard around the world as it is being included in best cryptos to buy lists in several countries..

How does SHMU work?

Holders of the SHMU token have access to an AI dashboard where they can view Shiba Memu’s marketing strategies in real-time. The platform makes it possible for members of the community to engage in conversation with the Shiba Memu chatbot, where they’ll receive in-depth responses from the most intelligent puppy on the blockchain. And to mention the hands-on approach (dare we say "paw-on approach?), users can earn SHMU if they make suggestions to the token that are being adopted.

Over time, Shiba Memu will become even more powerful thanks to machine learning technology. The project also remains true to core blockchain principles such as transparency, as anyone can access the dashboard to get a full breakdown of its activity.

The algorithm monitors, analyzes, and assesses market trends as well as the current sentiment levels of investors, which helps it stay one step ahead of its meme coin competition so that it can be the number one most dominant dog in the world of Web3.

Will SHMU reach $0.50 in 2025?

For the time being, Shiba Memu is still a puppy in the very early stages of its development. Meme coin backers will get their first chance to participate in the project during the presale of the SHMU token.

The price of SHMU will rise daily during the crypto presale, taking the token from $0.011125 to $0.0244 by the end of its 60 day presale. Price analysts expect the token to explode in popularity by the next bull market, highlighting its 100x potential thanks to its combination of AI crypto capabilities with a meme coin level of attractiveness. To put it in a nutshell (or maybe a dog food bowl?): Shiba Memu will increase by $0.000225 daily to ends its presale with a stunning 119.33%.

The price that SHMU anticipates for the next bull market is somewhere between $0.30 and $0.50. The Shiba Memu AI crypto’s long-term potential is through the woof, so it could be one of the greatest cryptocurrencies to invest in at the moment.

Is SHMU worth buying?

With the future of DeFi services in doubt thanks to recent bans for crypto staking, other areas of Web3 are expected to see some significant in-flows of capital. One of the most promising sectors of the industry is AI crypto, which makes pack-leading projects such as Shiba Memu opportunities with an edge.

The price of SHMU is expected to rise every single day until the end of its presale, making it advantageous for the project’s backers to act sooner rather than later. As SHMU prepares to launch on digital asset exchanges, early stage investors have a limited time opportunity to purchase SHMU at the current price of $0.014950. Don’t miss out on this potential opportunity and consider securing your investment in SHMU today.

You can find out how to buy SHMU here.