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Coincheck receives governmental notice, tells yen withdrawals to resume Tuesday

08 February 2018 21:00, UTC

The Japanese trading platform operating with cryptocurrencies called Coincheck has received an official warning from the country’s Financial Services Agency. The warning orders the organization to improve its business and compose a report in which they will tell how exactly they plan to prevent future cyber attacks after the great fiasco of their security safeguards which led to multimillion-dollar losses.

This financial establishment might already be planning something protective to fulfill the demands of the government. Coincheck has also decided to announce the opening of withdrawals of yen from the exchange on Tuesday next week (February 13). As for the coins withdrawal, the date has not been specified yet.

This is not the only major coin exchange which lately has had serious and controversial issues. Another cryptocurrency exchange called Binance has recently temporarily ceased operations. As it turns out, it has indeed not been hacked, just as the management of the exchange assured, and seems to have been restored to working order, although with some users still experiencing technical difficulties likely due to the high number of simultaneous website requests.