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China to block cryptocurrency-related websites

04 February 2018 21:00, UTC

Exactly as suspected by financial and cryptocurrency experts, Chinese government continues to tighten regulations regarding cryptocurrency projects and initiatives. Aside from implying they can easily forbid mining and banning ICOs together with exchanges, they now plan to include websites connected with cryptocurrency in the list of sites forbidden on the governmental level.

Adding some websites in the blacklist is often called The Great Chinese Firewall by the journalists. Other sites in the list include Google, YouTube, Chinese Wikipedia, and Twitter. While they are not connected with terrorism or crimes, ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges are now viewed as illegal in China, which greatly increases their chances to be in the future versions of this list.

If the cryptocurrency legislation in Russia and other CIS countries will include notions about illegal cryptocurrency exchanges, some of these countries will almost certainly block some exchange websites. But current dynamics in Russia do not necessarily indicate the local officials will follow in China’s footsteps.