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Bluffer viruses and Darknet shenanigans

13 September 2017 21:00, UTC

ESET, the antivirus software developer, has warned the Web users about the ransomware titled MSIL/Hoax.Fake.Filecoder. It demands cryptocurrency ransom for deciphering the files on the HDDs. Seems like a regular modern virus if it wasn’t for one detail: no malicious ciphering ever occurs – the virus just locks the screen on its message. Entertainingly, hackers who developed it might have heard something about ransomware and decided to bluff – threaten the users with something they actually don’t have in store.

Another news involves the Darknet. When one imagines the Darknet, it might be something like a close-knit community of grim and experienced hackers or drug traffickers who know each other and trust each other, but in fact, this cyberspace often sees preposterous events when some criminals cheats other criminals. Dream Market, the popular trade platform in the Darknet, has suddenly went offline, and when it returned, the users found their cryptocurrency wallets empty. The Dream Market operators claimed it was due to the server storage problems, but there is no way to prove they are telling the truth.