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BitPico claims it will conduct a 51% attack on Bitcoin Cash

27 June 2018 21:00, UTC

Bitcoin Cash should better prepare for 51% attacks, as witnessed from the Twitter account of BitPico - a group of Bitcoin coders and supporters. They openly threaten ‘BCash’ (a mocking nickname used to highlight that Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin) to intercept more than half of the network capabilities and even create its own fork - or a new cryptocurrency originating from the BCH structure.

Bitcoin Cash supporters have met the news with great skepticism, claiming that it is much easier to threaten than to actually conduct this attack.

As reminded by the cryptocurrency media, BitPico has previously supported the controversial protocol update called SegWit2x. Additionally, this group has stress tested Lightning Network in Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash has emerged as a result of SegWit, and since then the rivalry between the fans of Bitcoin and this altcoin is palpable.

20-11-2017 00:00:00  |   News

Roger Ver who has been mentioned by BitPico is one of the most pronounced supporters of Bitcoin Cash, sometimes implying that the original Bitcoin (‘Bitcoin Core’) does not reflect the view of Satoshi Nakamoto anymore.

Image: forexnewsnow.com