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Bitcoin robbers in Canada

As the cryptocurrency entrepreneurship becomes more profitable, some criminal groups start to try to rob the new type of business. In Canada, the local company Canadian Bitcoins has been attacked recently. The gang tied four people in the office but missed the fifth one, who called the police and utterly destroyed their initial plan.

Attackers evacuated with empty hands, and one suspect has already been detained. Robbers are searched throughout the area, and apparently, the detained one has already testified, as the police officer in the video posted online by the regional police department tells about the firearm they now have to search. The search becomes more difficult if we remember about the Canadian winter and slippery surfaces which might have helped the gun to slide farther from the crime scene after the criminal threw it out.

CBC tells that this criminal group aimed for cash savings, which might indicate the lack of expertise of this gang in cryptocurrency. In a similar occasion in Russia, local cryptocurrency blogger was robbed by people who clearly had more knowledge in the sphere and at first wanted to kidnap him possibly to get passwords for wallets later. After realizing the victim had a safe with cash, they decided to abandon the initial idea.

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