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Bitcoin heist in Great Britain

30 January 2018 21:00, UTC

A mundane morning in the quiet British Oxfordshire resulted in a bad day for a cryptocurrency trader, when his house was raided by a criminal group which at gunpoint demanded to immediately transfer his digital finance to their accounts. The victim decided to obey the demands and did what they told.

The local law enforcement representatives explain: in the future, such burglary will become a persistent problem. The same was told by the New York police. As it has to be reminded here, in New York another trader was recently robbed, but in that case, the criminals simply made the victim to give them the physical cryptocurrency wallet.

Recent cases from Canada and Russia demonstrate how criminal groups which chose cryptocurrency businesses and traders as targets either disappeared with cash in safe or escaped the crime scene with empty hands due to a well-timed call to the local police office. This means that the counter-burglary measures are not dissimilar to those measures taken by jewellery stores and careful rich individuals.