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Android TV devices infected with a Monero miner

05 February 2018 21:00, UTC

The latest news on the technology-related websites tell about the threat the community already knows, but this time, the mining virus is infecting a new type of devices. The pattern detected by researchers shows that an unidentified hacker team has chosen Android TV devices as targets.

Smartphones and tablets are also affected, cybersecurity experts note. Port 5555 is used, this special port of the system provides access to debug instruments which can be used to install a mining virus on Android-based devices. Approximately 7,400 infected devices form yet another mining botnet - smartphones, tablets and TV-related devices collectively work for hackers.

As usual, this new virus mines Monero due to its means of anonymization and low difficulty of remote mining. Monero itself, however, is not feeling well today: according to Coinmarketcap, this cryptocurrency lost notable 26% in 24 hours following the recent crash of Bitcoin price as well as the traditional stock market decline the traditional investors are now witnessing. Financial analyst Alexander Kuptsikevich from Fx.Pro understandably connects these two major events together in his latest analysis.