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76% of ICOs might not be beneficial anymore thanks to some states’ policy

One of the major news portals on cryptocurrency, amazed by the stats provided by experts at MIT Bitcoin Expo, has conducted its own research based on the data from Tokendata and ICO Stats. As a result, journalists found out that 76% of major listed initial coin offerings were not having a good average dollar return, meaning that this type of enterprise in general is starting to become less of a golden investment opportunity than it was last year.

As suggested by FxPro financial analyst Alexander Kuptiskevich, the SEC’s statements on its commitment to pursue unlawful ICO-related businesses did not go unnoticed in the market and while Joseph Lubin from Ethereum claimed that regulations could make the market healthier, Kuptsikevich predicts a long-term ice age.

08-01-2018 21:00:00  |   Regulation

Meanwhile in Gibraltar, governmental announcements cited by major financial media outlets suggest that the country has managed to attract over 200 ICO enterprises after implementing its extremely ICO-friendly law it has started to develop in 2017.

The future of ICOs may include most of them registered in offshore countries, and Gibraltar was probably among the first countries to understand what it might miss.

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