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World ICO show

World ICO Show provides an opportunity for ICO projects to present themselves to big investors all around the world with total assets more than $2 billion.

Investors' qualification is guaranteed by  International Decentralized Association of CryptoCurrency and Blockchain (IDACB). Each of investor is verified, some of them are participants of IDACB from different countries and have the significant investment portfolio.

The primary communication problem of ICO projects with investors is that the project teams rarely meet the criteria of severe backers' investment estimation. The first reason is that teams don't know these assessment criteria, the second is because they do not have an experience of packaging their business properly (most of them are startups).

High net worth investors have clear selecting projects criteria, verified metrics, own internal classification of startups' perspective. IDACB experts investigated these criteria and compiled generalized parameters (more than 180 points). WORLD ICO SHOW verification committee uses this system when evaluating projects which are wanted to present.

We have unique handmade database within 1000+ backers from $10M basic investment amount each. We gathered these "diamonds" from all over the world, and we know each one of them.

WORLD ICO SHOW specialists not only assess ICO but also can recommend projects for improvement in case of non-compliance specific parameters, to better meet the expectations of big investors.

"Projects are spending great money to organize their road-show, but effectiveness usually is not higher than 10% of expected fees. And this is in the best way. We have statistics from different sources, in particular, from IDACB members from 100 countries, - says IDACB International Secretary, Maxim Chereshnev, founder and ideologist of WORLD ICO SHOW. - And meanwhile, for example, we gathered our investors' database for more than six months, we are in personal contact with them, their qualifications are confirmed by the time, their portfolios, and their activity on the market."

The first pitching session of WORLD ICO SHOW will be held in Moscow, during the World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit (WBCSummit) on May 19-20 of 2018. The summit, organized by IDACB, will be attended by more than 3000 participants, more than 100 countries will be presented, more than 300 speakers and 100 of them are qualified investors.

Representatives of countries have already joined the selection of projects in part of the states, the regional WORLD ICO SHOW will be held during the year scheduled sessions in Dubai, Tashkent, Shanghai, Chisinau, Yerevan, Malta and other countries of Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

"I'd like to address the organizers of the ICO. We're making efforts to collect for you wholesale backers. Two or three of them can close your Hard Cap you don't need to gather hundreds. - continues Maxim Chereshnev. - Join WORLD ICO SHOW, and we will give you not only expertise and anti-scam checks but also access to unique investors. Qualitative due diligence will certainly look good to investors, and anti-scam protection is needed for investment safety. But we select the best ICOs of course, which our verification committee will believe". — concludes M. Chereshnev.


  • Project fill a participation application on wico.wbcsummit.org
  • WORLD ICO SHOW verification committee checks the project for pitching feasibility and implementation perspective and make a decision whether or not to include the project in the pitch session;
  • Investors' internal vote is conducted, a list of potentially relevant investors is drawn up for each selected project;
  • If necessary, our experts prepare recommendations for ICO team: what they need to correct in their project;
  • ICO project is invited to participate in WORLD ICO SHOW pitching session in Moscow, on WBCSummit on May 19-20 of 2018
  • If a project has not won at the first session, an individual plan of participation in future WORLD ICO SHOW sessions in different countries is being made.

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