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The DAO Consensus Summit Brings the Digital Economy Leaders Together This Summer

On June 24-29th, Anapa will host the DAO Consensus Summit – the most long-desired event of the summer in the sphere of digital finances with the internationally acknowledged market experts, as well as coaches, trainers, investors and entrepreneurs.

DAO Consensus Summit is a powerful pump-up, a cool show, a total boost, with panel discussions, workshops, round tables, networking, a fantastic cultural programme and a tour along the Black Sea coast.

This is a brilliant opportunity for both beginners and experienced investors and entrepreneurs to get the latest up-to-dates about the decentralized economy, new sources of income, actual trends and the best DeFi projects.

The Summit focuses on the following topics:

  • DeFi Market. What is DeFi? DeFi tools. Opportunities of the market of decentralized finances
  • Digital Market Ecosystem. The model of the ecosystem. What does the ecosystem consist of? Instruments and opportunities of the digital ecosystem.
  • Successful projects. Successful cases analysis.

Business coaches:

Natalia Grace - a business coach, psychologist, consultant, author of memory and speech development techniques, self-esteem specialist, author of 15 books.

Alexander Blagov - the top expert on extreme practices in the Russian Federation, the creator and head coach of the project "Life without Fear", the record holder of the Russian Book of Records on Extreme Practices
(2013, 2019), a successful real estate entrepreneur, a participant of the project "Russian Ninja", a master of martial arts, the coach of the international project "Sparta”.

Sergey Inyashev - a specialist in Crisis Management, a teacher, a practical psychologist, an expert coach at the Department of "Psychology and Human Abilities Development", Goethe University of Berlin.


Ilya Churakov - the DAO Consensus founder
Vyacheslav Nazarov - a DAO Consensus co-founder
Renat Mansurov - a member of the Board of Directors in DAO Consensus
Raphael Salakhov - a DAO Consensus co-founder
Sergey Savich - a business coach, a coach for millionaires, a member of the Board of Directors in DAO Consensus
Viktor Zhukov - CCO at DAO Consensus
Ivan Matorin - the President of DAO Consensus Clubs

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