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RINO Makes Enterprise Wallet Free

03 October 2023 06:35, UTC

RINO today announced that it is making its enterprise wallet free to use. RINO’s enterprise wallet enables financial industry best practices such as spending limits and four-eye approvals. Organizations can now sign up instantly and get started without having to deal with sales people or subscription models.

Monero core-team member binaryFate, an early investor in RINO, said “Having a service like RINO is essential for the wider industry adoption of Monero. Crypto businesses already have enterprise wallets like Bitgo, Fireblocks and Copper that they can use for other digital assets. I am convinced RINO’s move to make their enterprise wallet free is a gamechanger for the Monero ecosystem”

While there are already numerous Monero wallets available, until RINO, no wallet had addressed the needs of businesses. RINO enterprise wallet fills that gap with functionalities catering specifically to teams and organizations.

Secure workflows. RINO allows clients to set up policies to securely interact with shared wallets within a team. RINO policies such as spending limits, four-eye sign-off, view-only wallets, etc, are features that are common in the traditional financial sector. For other cryptocurrencies, a range of wallets also exist that offer these features. However Monero is built on unique and different cryptographic primitives. RINO has for the first time cracked the technical challenge of offering secure, non-custodial workflows on the Monero blockchain.

Cost savings. RINO’s SaaS offering allows for painless Monero integration. RINO offers a stable wallet interface (API) to build services upon, without exposing clients to the sometimes complex intricacies of the Monero protocol.

Trust. RINO doesn’t have the keys required to spend its clients’ Money. In other words, RINO is a non-custodial wallet. RINO’s cryptographic mechanisms are open source, and verifiable through reproducible builds.

Unique technology. The rich features offered by RINO, while the wallet remains non-custodial, is only possible because RINO leverages Monero Multi-Party Computation (MPC)

In practice, an organization using RINO can secure and interact with its own funds in ways that are just not possible without RINO. Specific roles can be assigned to different people in a team, and policies put in place for how they can interact with any given wallet. For example, outgoing transactions can be created by spenders, but require approvals by a number of approvers to be actually confirmed and sent out. View only access can be granted to team-members for internal accounting and control, or on-demand to external entities for audit purposes.

RINO enterprise wallet is already free as of today (DATE). With this latest move, RINO makes it easier for any team to leverage its powerful features.

You can check it out at https://rino.io/


RINO is a company run by long time Monero enthusiasts and crypto entrepreneurs. RINO’s mission is to enable the adoption of Monero by the mainstream financial industry.